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Step 1: Creating a new HTML project

The first step for every web project is to create a folder under which you will later save all files (e.g. html documents, pictures etc.) required for your web page. The folder will also contain the homepage document. Basically, you could name the file however you want but is has become a standard to name it index.html


  1. Open the Windows Explorer and create a folder called 'My Resume'

  2. Click on Start > All Programs > Accessoires > Notepad (select Editor if you work with a German Office version) to open the Windows text editor.

Blank text editor window

  1. Copy & paste the following html-tags (written in red) into the text editor window



    <title>page title</title>



    page content



  2. Save this file as index.html to your folder 'My resume'. Before you save the file read item 5!

  3. Be careful when saving the file! You have to type 'index.html' in the file name field and under 'Save as type' make sure you select 'All Files' in the pull down menu. Otherwise your file will be saved as a simple text file and not as html-document. Do not worry about the Encoding.

Make sure that 'All Files' is selected in the pull down menu!

  1. Open the Internet Explorer and in the 'File' menu click on Open ... Search for and open the index.html file you have just saved. Your browser window should look similar to this example.

  2. The page title 'page title' is displayed in the top blue bar of your browser window and in the content area you can see the text 'page content'. You will change these entries later.

  3. In the 'View' menu click on 'Source' and you can see now the html tags you have just entered.

  4. A blank web page is now displayed in your web browser.

  5. Congratulations! You have successfully completed Step 1 and can now move on to Step 2!

  6. In Step 2 you will add text to your web page.

Copyright: Christian Maurer